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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  June 23, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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specifically something ted cruz has made nearly impossible. the next time senator cruz decides to leave washington in search of a cause to call his own, it would probably be better for everybody if he made it a one-way ticket. that's all for now, i'll see you back here tomorrow at 4:00. "the ed show" is coming up next. >> good evening, americans, welcome to "the ed show", i'm ready to go. let's get to work. ♪ >> there's rebellion brewing. >> this add administration has assaulted our civil liberties. >> this is what they call red meat for the bait. >> passed a resolution calling for the impeachment of president barack obama. >> tell the federal government we've had enough. >> they went over there for a couple of days. >> we win this revolution. >> federal government is an
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almighty god, can't push people to do whatever they want. >> take the government and police and talking about killing cops. >> these people who hold themselves out to be patriots are not. >> there's rebellion brewing -- >> good to have you with us tonight. thanks for watching. i want to start tonight talking about words. what do they mean? is anybody ever held accountable if they say something? >> i can say i've had to be held accountable a few times. let's look at what's happening now of the anti-government sent. in america reached i think a very disturbing level and folks on the right has got to tone it down. this doesn't seem to phase elected officials around the country. for instance, on saturday, louisiana governor bobby jindal spoke of a rebellion and a hostile takeover of washington. think about that.
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a rebellion and hostile takeover of washington. i was in front of a crowd in virginia, minnesota, talking about jobs and talking about trade and fighting for american workers. what if i had told that crowd today in virginia, minnesota, you know what you've got to do. you've got to rebel and have a hostile takeover of washington. that's how you got to do it. i don't think comcast -- i don't think my boss would probably like that too much. but an elected official on the right, he can say it and just get away with it. does bobby jindal, the governor of louisiana -- does he even follow the news? does he think this rhetoric spins into outer space and nobody consumes it? i believe it started in april with this scene at the bundy ranch. anti-government militias aim their rifles at agents in what i term is a dangerous standoff. the militias were supporting
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cliven bundy, the whole situation was encouraged by a certain anchor over on fox news. months later, bundy supporters, well they actually got violent. two people present at the bundy standoff shot and killed two police officers eating lunch in las vegas. the shooters were screaming of a revolution. they placed a revolutionary war era flag over one officer's body that read, don't tread on me. one week later there was another anti-government shooting. on june 14th, a bml agent and highway patrolman were shot in scece era nevada mountains. >> they might have interrupted an early dinner. emergency medical supplies litter the area around the camp site where one or both of of the law enforcement officers exchanged gunfire with the suspect.
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>> thankfully both officers survived the shooting and are in good condition. the shooter was 60-year-old brent cole, injured in the gun fixt he was illegally camping on federal lands when the shooting occurred. this guy is anti-government conspiracy theorist. he posted a number of articles on facebook, sympathetic to the bundy ranch militia. two shootings against law enforcement by anti-government nuts completely unacceptable. nobody on the right calls them for it. nobody thinks anybody is responsible for anything. anti-government rhetoric from conservative media and republican politicians, i believe fuel the fire here. on saturday, louisiana governor bobby jindal gave us a prime example of this. speaking to the faith and freedom coalition, jindal said, i can sense right now a rebellion brewing amongst these united states where people are ready for a hostile takeover of
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washington, d.c. to preserve the american dream and for our children and grandchildren. >> hostile takeover. what is a hostile takeover? does that mean somebody might show up with a firearm? does that mean that there might be a group of people coming and just beating living tar out of lawmakers? what is that? governor jindal you need to explain what the hell you are talking about. this is out of control. you're an elected official and have a responsibility. that kind of talk flames the fire, i think across this country. this isn't the first time jindal has talked about a rebellion here's what he told the crowd back at c pac in march. >> there's a rebel onbrewing, people are saying enough is enough, we don't want to become like europe. we're going to make sure our children inher it the same opportunities we were blessed to live in the greatest country in the history of the world.
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>> you can't blame these act of violence on jindal or conservative media but they are dead silent and their comments do not help the situation. state governments i believe are also out of control. this is kind of like a trickle down effect. it's az domino effect. texas republicans have adopted one of the most radical state platforms we've ever seen. democrats are calling it disgusting. it's not over. just this past weekend the south dakota republican party at the state convention passed a resolution calling for the impeachment of president obama on saturday. they claim the president has violated his oath of office in numerous ways, it's the turning of the hate. it's the constant drumbeat of anti- not about policy, not about what's better for america, everything is negative, negative, negative. republicans around the country i think need to cool the rhetoric and show some leadership. when they speak, people listen and they are backed up by 40 --
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400 right wing talkers across the country, the conservative media and republican politicians have a responsibility to stay away from that kind of speech. because it could incite violence, it could. jindal's hostile takeover comments are just the latest example and he's out of control. i wonder how the conservative media would report it if i'm at the next jobs rally with a bunch of union workers around who i think should get politically involved, if i tell them that you know what, you got to be armed. you've got to be dangerous. who said that? michelle bachmann. i want people armed and dangerous. how about are they armed and dangerous enough for you michele? let's see, some other comments, what if i stood in front of the crowd, you need to arm yourself and go to washington and we need a hostile takeover, we need to storm the capitol. that's what we need to do. how would the conservative media
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report that? i think the mainstream media has no guts. i think they side with jindal. i think that they are looking for action. i think that the conservative media in this country owes this country, truly, truly an apology for not standing up and saying, can we get a definition, governor jindal on what you really mean by a hostile takeover? does this include firearms. does this include a march on washington that could get out of hand? what if -- what if a black broadcaster anywhere in this country were to talk about a hostile takeover? how do you think it would be reported? get your cell phones out. i want to know what you think. tonight's question, should elected republicans cool their rhetoric, text a for yes and b
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for no to 67622. go to our blog and we'll bring you the results later on in the show. i challenge -- i challenge governor jindal's office to put out a statement tonight to explain what a hostile takeover is. and explain what he means by rebellion. let me bring in bruce bartlet, former bush 41 policy adviser. you know, the conservatives today love to quote and point to the example of ronald reagan. would reagan use the term, h hostile takeover and use the term rebellion in terms of people rising up against their government? give us perspective on where the conservatives used to be and where they are now. >> first of all, let me make the point there have always been crazies in every political party. but the difference is that once
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upon a time not that many years ago, the elites, at least in the republican party, tried to dampen down the craziness of some of the nuts at the grass roots level. for example, we have the john burke society, essentially tee party of its day and bill lu buckley, most respected conservative publication, read them out of the republican party and conservative movement because he knew it was damaging in the long run. this is a view no longer shared by the policy elites in the conservative movement in the republican party. now, ronald reagan used rhetoric as well as any president. but i don't remember him ever being anywhere near as extreme as people like bobby jindal today. and frankly, on policy, he would be barely even considered a
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republican today because he supported tax increases and amnesty for illegal aliens and supported gun control. any number of issues that would have gotten him read out of any party meeting in this country today. >> mr. bartlet, is it your impression, i'm not trying to put words in your mouth, are they trying to outdo one another when it comes to being radical? sfwl i don't think tlsz any there's any question about that. that's one of the problems, the escalation of rhetoric. every potential republican candidate for president in 016 has to position himself to the right of everybody else. since they can't really position themselves on policy, since they all have the same soid cal positions, all that's really left is rhetoric and it's really getting very out of control. i agree with you completely about that. >> you know, we don't see the conservative media or the republicans elected officials
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denouncing any of these anti-government activists. and i just find it amazing. they just continue to throw out rhetoric that could be interpreted as encouragement or am i wrong on that? >> i think it's even worse than your intro suggested. you now have people like dick cheney, a man once respected in this country, who just yesterday i believe accused president obama of treason. and you have people like donald trump who still publicly question whether obama was even born in the united states. and nobody says you're crazy, done, stop saying nutty laws and crazy things, it's hurting us. they don't believe it is hurting thep. they believe they have to say these things to be viable and credible inside the republican party. >> bruce bartlett, good to have you with us. i appreciate your time. if i may, i'd like to go back
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and focus on the state of south dakota and the convention over the weekend. let me bring in rick why land, running for the senate in south dakota. rick, the republican party this weekend adopted a resolution to impeach the president. your reaction to what is happening in what has always been somewhat of a populist state, the state of south dakota, this is rather a radical amendment, is it not? are you surprised by it? >> yeah, well, it sure is radical. i have to tell you, i've been traveling to every town in my campaign the last 12 months, been to every town and going back to every town over the course the next several months. and i don't think that what happened at the south dakota republican convention is really representative of the people of south dakota or even a majority of republican voters in south dakota. and that's why i think it's so unfortunate. i think it was very extreme. it's the same group of extreme
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sort of wing of the republican party that brought us the shutdown of the government last fall and i believe it's going to be rejected in november. i don't believe that you can get away with that kind of vit tree ol, that kind of hate and get elected. so it was unfortunate -- the thing that bothered me, if i could just add, the thing that bothered me, something you said earlier, the leaders of the republican party here in south dakota and the future leadership, including my opponent, are so intimidated by this extreme wing of our party here of the republican party, that they were willing to stand by and let something this embarrassing happen to the people of south dakota, i have to hold them -- >> that's my next question. senator john thune, is he standing with the platform of the republican party or is he denouncing -- this is
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anti-government rhetoric, to suggest the president should be impeached when clearly there hasn't been laws broken. where does john thune stand on this. >> john thune was there along with mike rounds and christy and the leadership of the republican party. the fact they didn't stand up and say they were opposed to it -- they didn't utter one peep against it. you have to hold them responsible and it's a real stain on the people of south dakota. this kind of politics, is a real threat to our democracy and because it substitutes hate for reason. it substitutes impeachment motives for rational discussion. in fact, it even substitutes impeachment for the casting of ballots and it's got to stop. it's not good for our country. >> well, john thune needs to stand up and tell the people of america because there are some that suggested that he would be a presidential candidate and of course he says he's not running but he is a senator from a state
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that has passed a resolution to impeach the president. does john thune stand by that resolution and with the party platform in the state? i think he should answer to that. rick weiland -- >> so do i. >> we'll have you back for sure. answer tonight's question and share your thoughts on twitter and on facebook. we want to know what you think. coming up, saving the backbone of american manufacturing, the rapid response panel weighs in on pressures pha s facing the u steel industry. trenders is next. stay with us. we're right back on "the ed show." okay, listen up! i'm re-workin' the menu.
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podcast at and ring of fire radio join the team. we are reporting here today's top trenders voted on by you. >> we've got to go. >> the number three trender, out of this world. >> this is extraordinary project by people with vision, imagination. >> after 2,000 years of work, the 36 explosive space modula r modulator. >> scientists want to put earth lings on mars by 2026. >> humans will land on mars. >> the number two trender, kissing -- >> beyonce. ♪ >> kid president gushes over his smooch with beyonce. >> i kissed beyonce.
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♪ >> do you think jay-z was mad? >> depends. >> think you should be jealous? >> he should be totally jealous. >> and today's top trender, war and remembrance. >> one of the things i worried about 12 years ago and i worry about today is that there will be another 9/11 attack and that the next time it will be with weapons far deadlier than airline tickets and box cutters. >> i think it was the necessary and just thing to do. >> the white house has known for months about the situation in iraq. >> american combat troops are not going to be fighting in iraq again. >> iraq war cheerleaders refuse to apologize. >> if we spend our time debating what happened 11 or 12 years ago we're going to miss the threat that is growing and that we do face. >> not apologizing for something i think is not wrong. >> joining us bob shrum, and
2:22 pm
democratic strategy, good to have you with us. it was very clear that dick cheney is not going to back off on his strategy. it's all about making the american people think that the president is so wrong headed on counterterrorism and not fighting it the way they did. what's the mission here as you see this all unfold here, bob? >> they are losing control of the dialogue in the republican party of people like rand paul criticizing them. only 20% of the country would support their approach to iraq. the truth is that dick cheney and neocons shouldn't mention the word iraq in the past or present tense outside. confines of confessional. i know why they don't want to talk about the past, they not only mistaken and lied us into a war where there were no weapons of mass destruction and created the potential for a shiite crescent from tehran to the med
2:23 pm
terrain yan sea only blocked by the sunni insurgency and that invasion is what unleashed that on iraq. you want to talk about the present? ask these guys what they would do differently? i think they yearn to send in a lot of troops. most of the time they won't say it or say something like air power. the truth is cheney when he was chased around finally said look we're accepteding 300 advisers. they asked for 20,000. that's insane. there's no support for it in this country. it's not going to happen and shouldn't happen. >> well, dick cheney is almost presenting the argument that we continue to do it obama's way that we are going to get hit. he says one of the things he's been worried about all along there might be another 9/11. does that mean -- if we do it his way we're not going to have another 9/11? that's what he seems to be insinuating here? >> i suspect under both the bush administration and obama
2:24 pm
administration there have been a number of potential threats that we don't know about which have been averted and the attacks have been prevented on the u.s. but dick cheney and the neocons went into iraq with an insane theory that somehow or another democracy was going to break out across the middle east. we see how that turned out. ignored 1400 years of history against the shiites and sunnis and not going to prevent another 9/11 by going back in with huge forces. we may invite more from the very people after us now. you know, joe biden deserves a little bit of credit here. 10 or 11 years ago he was saying this is an impossible situation in a country that's artificially drawn up by the great powers after world war 1, maybe we need to federalize or partition in kurdish and sunni and shiite areas. that may be the ultimate outcome. to protect ourselves we're probably going to have to send a very clear message that in areas that terrorists may control, if that's what happens and john
2:25 pm
kerry trying to avert that by getting an inclusive government in iraq, very, very tough assignment. if that happens, then we have to send the message that those guys are going to face the full force of the united states in terms of the kinds of actions that we've been taking in yemen, not in terms of sending in 20e or 30 or 40 or 50,000 troops. we tried that. it didn't work. >> senate majority leader harry reid took aim saying the only thing i want to hear from the iraq war architects is an apology. big christle isn't going to admit he's wrong and never going to run for office or be in a position of authority. he'll be a hack out there spewing the conservative line, project for new american century, that's what those folks are all about. how much of a political problem is this going to be for the republicans if at all? what should be -- should there
2:26 pm
be a constant counter offensive by the democrats to make sure that people don't forget? >> i think the democrats ought to be out there saying what the president has done is measured and it's right and american people agree with the obama decisions. you can see another chapter of civil war. you have rand paul penning an op-ed piece in the wall street journal saying that these guys have been so wrong for so long. no one should listen to them. i think you're going to see in the 2016 republican primaries a huge debate about this. versus people who want to be more restrained and less involved and people who like bill chrristal who still think e exercise of american power can bring democracy at the point of the gun. it won't work and the country is not going to do it again. >> in these house races, bob, i know there's a lot of gerrymandering going on and it's by the numbers it looks a little tougher for the democrats
2:27 pm
obviously, but i mean, if these elected officials go home and someone stands up and says, what are you going to do about iraq? what are they are going to say? do they side with dick cheney? they can't side with the president. they are kind of put in a pick many, aren't they. >> they are going to attack the president because the constituencies they appeal to don't like obama and their answer on everything, whether it's the highway trust fund or bank or iraq is just attack obama, blame obama first, they are not going to put a plan out about what they would actually do anymore than they are ever going to tell ugs what the replace part of repeal and replace obama care means. it's just attack obama all the time every day. >> bob shrum, great to have you here. appreciate your time tonight. >> thanks. >> still ahead, save our steel. now is the time to invest in back bone of american manufacturing, rally in virginia, minnesota today.
2:28 pm
i was there. >> george will not back down on his column on campus rape. we discuss the growing firestorm. next, i'm taking your questions. ask ed live just ahead. we're right back.
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four entrées, starting at just $15.99. like our new lobster-topped wood-grilled shrimp... or the new! lobster-topped lobster. and now for lunch, try our new lobster tacos, just $9.99.ends soon so hurry in. . welcome back to "the ed show", love hearing from our viewers tonight. our first question is from rachel, do you think scott walker will ever be indicted after his problems with the county and now as governor? you know, i do think he's going to get indicted. i don't think it's over with. but the loss is there right in front of him. because now he's losing the trust of the people. one thing american people don't like is someone who isn't honest and forthright. and walker has been very deceiving throughout all of this. that e-mail clearly shows that there was a connection between his organization and karl rove
2:32 pm
in bringing in outside money and that money saved him and the governor's chair. i think there will be a big push back in november. >> our next question is from lee, when will conservatives focus on the issues that serve the middle class? let me tell you something they never talk about the middle class, never will. all they care about is political power. that's it. that's why they reflect to the corporate money and corporate lords and always going to do. bottom line is, republican party has sold out to the special interest in and the big money. the koch brothers are the quarterbacks of the whole thing and middle class is farthest from their mind. rapid response panel is next. modest moves for stocks, the dow falls 9 and s&p off a fraction and nasdaq ends up less than a point.
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welcome back. this is a big story that affects a major portion of the upper midwest. the united states department of commerce, you know the folks supposed to be on our side, they've got a date on calendar they have to pay attention to. they have until july 10th to decide whether or not they will impose punitive tariffs on nine countries for dumping below cost
2:37 pm
steel into our markets. now several months ago we were in lorraine ohio to tell the story where the community is suffering the effects of cheap south korean imports flooding the market. today i spent some time at the save our steel jobs rally in virginia, minnesota. it was the culmination of worker activism taking place across the country. the united steel workers and u.s. steel the business folks, they joined forced at the rally in northern minnesota's iron range. now bad trade deals and lack of enforcement have allowed a flood of cheap steel to be dumped into the united states market and you know what this is doing? this is threatening the livelihoods of thousands upon thousands of americans. we're talking jobs. steel imports increased 12% between 2011 and 2013. the united states steel industry had a net loss of $1.2 billion in 2013 alone. according to the economic policy institute, the u.s. steel
2:38 pm
production supported over 500,000 jobs nationwide in 2012. steel dumping threatens every single one of those jobs. you can't get around it. it is a fact. so if we keep taking this cheap steel, and they keep dumping it on our market and we don't have any tariffs at all, this is going to be american jobs, we're talking we've already seen shutdowns of some plants. we've already seen some layoffs and let me tell you something, there were real nervous hearty working americans at that rally today. joining me tonight in our rapid response panel, leo gir ard and democratic congressman rick noland of minnesota. i want to point out there has been a letter sent from the united states senate, 57, that's right, bipartisan, 57 senators have signed on to a letter that has gone to the commerce department telling them to take some action on this. mr. girard, do they have legal
2:39 pm
footing to do something to turn this dynamic around? >> absolutely they do, ed. in fact, one of our problems is in the comparison of the products they were comparing, they compared other country goods to what we consider pipe to build a skyscraper, water transmission pipe that is like comparing apples and oranges. they have every reason to do the right comparison. we're not asking for a freebie here. we're asking for them to follow the law and implement the law. let me say about south korea. when we filed the case and commerce said no interim duty, imports from south korea went from 91,000 tons to 213,000 tons april to may. in one month. if they extrapolate that at 213 to 214 to 215,000 tons per month, at the end of the year, that's the complete 100% of the american market they will have crushed. and the most sophisticated product that's made in the steel
2:40 pm
industry and we can make steel at less than one man hour per ton. no other place can match us when it comes to quality and cobs comes to productivity. >> we have the best quality workers and best quality iron r ore that we're making -- >> go ahead. >> if i can make one more point before the congressman -- the south koreas don't have iron ore or coal or limestone. the workers are paid 95% of what we're paid in america. they have to import that from brazil and australia and other places. we have iron ore just up the road in minnesota. we have coal not too far from our plants. we have the most sophisticated operations in the world. why is it that south korea can penetrate our market below the cost of production? because they cheat. and we're tired of fighting the cheaters. tooz time it's time our government stood up. cheating is cheating and it's going on with china and south
2:41 pm
korea and all kinds of countries. why the hell should the union be the one to negotiate the case, the government should be doing it. >> i'll let rick answer that. your response to that? >> well, leo gerard has said it and said it well. unfortunately there have been democratic and republican presidents who supported it free trade. as leo pointed out it's unfair trade. we built a great nation in this country with social security and medicare and epa regulations and unemployment benefits and wages and health care and pensions and then we said to all of our companies and workers, now go compete with the rest of the world? they don't have to do any of that? ed, that is just fundamentally unfair and the steel imports are depressing our prices. they are taking jobs away from the american people and stalling our economy. and it's high time we do something about it and high time the president and department of
2:42 pm
commerce step up and impose the duties to impose the fines to put an end to this cheap steel that's flooding our markets and destroying our economy. >> ed -- >> i'm going to have more on this story later this week. 157 house members have signed on to a letter to the commerce department. congressman nolan, if this is not imposed by july 11th, we're talking about thousands upon thousands of workers in your state out of work and the ripple effect on main street and the small towns is going to be devastating. is president obama asleep at the switch on this or what? >> well, ed, to your point, at this rate they estimate that some 12 steel mills in the country will go out of business. some 50,000 steel workers and iron ore workers will lose their jobs. and the fact is we're not going to get this economy moving again.
2:43 pm
we're not going to rebuild america with cheap steel. i hope you'll do some more on this program. ed -- we've got good buy american steel legislation on the house of representatives but we have to get after the trade agreements. it's at the heart of the problem -- allowing this unfair trade. >> ed, let me make a point quickly. the united states consumes a little over 100 million tons of steel per year. the united states is capable of producing about 100 million tons of steel per year. there's 500 million tons of excess steel capacity in the world. the overwhelming majority from china, china produces almost a billion tons of steel and trades it under the cost of the production and eliminating margins and putting people out of work and we don't have any filing of trade cases unless they are filed by the employer and the union. the trading system in america is
2:44 pm
broken. in order to win a case at the international trade commission, we've got to prove that we've lost jobs that our companies have lost margins and we've closed plants. why should we have to destroy our economy to prove these guys are cheating? >> this goes -- >> this goes to the heart of our trade agreements. there's a small group of us here meeting every week to try to stop this fast track. this started with the north american free trade agreement and sent 50,000 manufacturers in america overseas and destroyed 8 million good paying jobs with wages and health care and benefits -- we've got to stop this fast track fair trade disagreement being pursued -- >> gentlemen, we've have to leave it there. >> thanks, ed. >> we'll do more on that this week. leo gerard and rick nolan, we'll have more on my visit to virginia later week.
2:45 pm
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but they also reduce emissions, and that's good for everyone. it makes me feel very good about the future of our company. ♪ and the pretenders tonight, faileded presidential candidate herman cain is out dishing out his take on right to vote. he rallied the crowd at the faith and freedom summit saying president obama is in office because voters are ignorant. >> i've even heard people say, well, i don't vote because i don't know what's going on. and i say, good. stupid people are ruining america and i'm glad some of them stay home. [ applause ] the solution is real simple,
2:50 pm
folks, those of us that are informed have to outvote the stupid people. [ applause ] and you have and you have got to become ambassadors of intelligence. ambassadors of information. so number one, stay informed. t really good point there. the it is important to stay informed. >> so you agreed with president obama on libya or not? >> okay. libya. president obama. supported. the uprising. correct? president obama called for the removal of gadhafi.
2:51 pm
i just want to make sure we are talking about the same thing before i say yes, i agree. i know i don't agree. i don't agree with the way he handled it for the following reason. um. nope, that's a different one. i've got to go back. uh. got all this stuff twirling around in my head. >> like herman cain said, we should all become ambassadors of intelligence and follow what's going on. if herman cain thinks stupid voters are to blame for his party losing the 2012 election, he can keep on pretending. i love that just washed freshness,
2:52 pm
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so why wouldn't i choose the fastest wifi? i would. switch to comcast business internet and get the fastest wifi included. comcast business. built for business. welcome back to "the ed show." the fire storm surrounding george will is growing. one paper is taking action against the writer. there's been outrage over his june 6th column whichq the, "coveted status of sexual assault victims on college campuses." now the st. louis post dispatch op-ed editor says the paperó
2:56 pm
that's not the case. we believe the column trivializes sexual assault victims. >> if you're looking for a retraction or apology from george will you will be disappointed. in an interview with c-span will made it clear he's not backing down. >> i think there is a danger now of defining sexual assault so broadly that it begins to trivialize the seriousness of it. when remarks become sexual assault. %" shouldn't be done but it is not sexual assault. we begin to blur distinctions that are important to preserve if you believe, as the senators purport to believe that this is a serious matter. >> "the ed show" has invited george will to appear on this program so i can ask him
2:57 pm
questions. of course he has declined. joining us tonight from the zerlina, great to have you with us. he says there is a danger here that the definition and interpretation of sexual assault would become too broad. i would like your response to that. >> i think what he's trying to get at is he thinks that there is an epidemic of false rape allegations. so by broadening the definition of sexual assault to include unwanted touching which is when you touch someone without their consent which is assault under the law by definition, he's saying women are making things up and these innocent men will be accused of sexual assault when they didn't do anything wrong and women are overly sensitive. to that i say men are more likely to be sexually assaulted themselves than to be falsely accused of sexual assault. we need to take this issue more seriously in how it occurs.
2:58 pm
most of the time the majority of women assaulted are assaulted by someone they know. so that dynamic is a very specific one. it is not the evil man jumping out of the bushes. spv$ 's what makes the issue complex and difficult to talk about with people who have attitudes like george will. >> it is an attitude. he is obviously a conservative and has been for years. it certainly puts them in a very bad light because he won't back down. he doesn't see any mistake whatsoever here. should more publication bs following the st. louis dispatch post's lead here? >> absolutely. this incident -- it wasn't good. i think what it did was it allowed everyone to see how wrong -- and willfully ignorant to use a play on words there -- how damaging it can be to survivors. then reason it's important this
2:59 pm
happened is hopefully in the future, papers won't run this kind of thing. the chicago tribune turned down his op-ed and didn't run it at all. they said it was offensive. the more we can talk about the issue because what allows it to perpetuate is when we silence victims and shame and blame them for what happened toñrñr them. we don't actually have the conversation we need to have in order to prevent violence from happening at all. >> well, he's concerned about a broad aer definition and how it would be encompassing other behavior. he's in denial of the number of assaults that take place on oh college lbx6campuses. is he not? >> he's in denial. that's something we all struggle with. when i talk about rape culture, part of that is women and men both internalize wrong messages. that makes us feel better. if it's true that 25% of women were being sexually assaulted by our
3:00 pm
friends, husbands, uncles, our buddies up the block. if we had to face the truth it would be ugly. >> okay. >> we need to talk about it more. >> zerlina, good to have you with us. that's "the ed show." i'm ed schultz. "politics nation" starts now. good evening, rev. >> good evening, ed. thanks for tuning in. tonight's lead, the gop's impeachment fever has been a right are wing fantasy since president obama took office. but now the gop rhetoric and actions are getting more direct. for the first time an official republican state party has passed the resolution on impeachment. south dakota republicans claim the president has, "violated his oath of office in numerous ways."


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